Monday, June 29, 2009

what to do...

Well... I need a fun and exciting job. I really wish Ellen and I could start our own Wedding Planning Company... That would be WAY too Much fun!! So, If you know anyone that is getting married and they need some help send them my way!! or if you would like to have a fun get together/party call us too! I just hate doing nothing. So if you all have any ideas shoot them my way.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Have you ever met people that just totally impact your life? Have you ever read something some one has said that made you say, "Wow!"? Have you ever heard someone say words of encouragement that leave you speechless?

Every day at 8:20 I get the opportunity to pray for a dear friend of mine and Justin's. Most of you who read my blogs probably can guess who but for those of you who don't I get the opportunity to pray for Laura Shook.

This woman has such a beautiful outlook on life and what God has given her. Even though she was recently diagnosed with cancer she has seen a NEW mission in her life and in her words God has hand picked her. To think that when she goes to the hospital for treatment she is in continuous prayer for the other people in the room. WOW. She has a heart full of God's love and mercy. I know most of you know or have heard about a person that was sick but still looked on the positive. I don't think I have every meet anyone that did it with as much grace as Laura does.

I sat in my office today and just wept. I am healthy and yet.... have I fallen in love with God. I mean I like Laura love him as my Savior but have I fell in love. Do I strive to be in continuous prayer?

Laura doesn't even know what God has really called her too but she is willing to be a warrior for him.

She has reminded me of what a Powerful, Loving God we have.

She has inspired me.

(if you would like to keep up with Laura or would like to read her inspiring messages go to

Monday, June 1, 2009

okay so i have to type what's going on...bummer

I know nothing brightens your day like my videos but i decided to update my computer programs and now i don't know how to work them!! so what's going on in my world you ask? Well Thursday my friend Emily (emily chase) went on a road trip to Sam Houston University. We are both trying to further our education....(oh but we hate it) so anyways... so i went up there and i was so thinking they were going to be like " you could graduate in like 2 semesters!!"..well not so much the case!! i have 64 stupid hours left!!!! i was so upset. but then God gave Emily and I a vision!!!!!! NaTaLiE and eMiLy DeSiGns!!! thats right people everything you have been dreaming about it coming true!!!!!! emily and i are going to start selling home decor..homemade creations ofcourse!! we have a goal to finish 10 items in 2 months. so far so good. hopefully this can become bigger than we could even have dreamed!! we really like mason that is going to be our signature design. hopefully every home in AMERICA will know our name!! (okay reaching too high?!?) anyways it is something that we are both excited about in the mist of AWFUL school. ya know going to school wouldn't be so bad if you didn't have to take like 13 hrs of ELECTIVES...that is any class of your choice??? WAIT A MINUTE...i am just trying to learn what i need in my area of study i don't need all that other crap. (sorry too harsh...?) okay i'm off my soap box. but emily and i need any furniture that you might want to throw out..well really anything if you hate it..we might love it! and if you wanna let us design an area of your home..let us know...cause WE ARE GOOD. (ha) self promotion there.....

so i am pretty busy right now... emily and i have our first official work day tomorrow! wish us luck! :) (we are just buying supplies though..) but who knows what that could turn into! :)


Thursday, February 26, 2009

We are having problems here!

Hello there all my faithful followers! I have made some videos but i got this new program and i am not sure how to load them on here...don't worry i am working on it! i know how sad your days are now that you don't have my videos in your life! I'm not like Robin i can't write fun creative notes like she can..i have to make videos to really get my point across. so keep checking i am working on it!! but i wanted to let you all know i haven't forgot about it!!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

I am Back in Business!

So, I know its been a LOONG time but don't Fear I am back!!! I have a job now soo things are a bit different in my life. But I am going to make a video during lunch to introduce you into my new life! So stay tuned!! its about to get GOOD! 

Saturday, November 29, 2008


this is a song that my uncle wrote and my aunt sings it with the martins. I love it and sing it all the time so i thought i would put it on here. Cause some of you have never herd me sing goes.... Justin and Heath sing it with me on stage it's our little trio number! ha and Heath always gets the words wrong!! hahaha

Monday, November 24, 2008